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Apple has become the world's first public company to be worth $1 trillion.

The iPhone maker's market value reached the figure in late morning trading in New York as its shares rose to a new record high above $207.

A student has spent five months in an Indian jail over a WhatsApp message he says he did not send.

Back in January, Instagram began revealing when your contacts were last active on the platform. It’s now building on that functionality to enhance its messaging tool with status indicators that tell you if your friends are online.

A network of giant balloons will soon bring internet access to remote regions of rural Kenya.

Google's sister-company Loon has announced its first commercial deal: partnering with Telkom Kenya to deliver connectivity to the region.

Some of the world’s biggest celebrities have lost millions of Twitter followers after the company cracked down on “locked” accounts.

Twitter has shut down up to 70 million fake and suspicious accounts since May, according to the Washington Post.

The suspensions and shutdowns were part of a concerted effort by Twitter to clear up the platform, said the paper.

Facebook has reportedly struck a £200million deal to stream Premier League matches.

All 380 Premier League games played each season from 2019 will be broadcast by Facebook in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, where BeIN Sports currently has exclusive rights.

Facebook is giving up on its plan to create drones that beam down internet connectivity, the company has confirmed.

Project Aquila, first announced in 2014, failed to achieve the long flight times managed by airborne connectivity efforts from rivals including Google.

iOS 12 is all about making your phone work better


The pace of iOS innovation has been so intense that even Apple couldn’t keep up. In some ways, iOS 11’s main feature was that it was packed with bugs, with autocorrect bugs, messages arriving out of order and the Calculator app not calculating properly. iOS 12 is a nice change of pace.

Driving on roads covered in potholes is no fun. At best, it can make your ride bumpier and less enjoyable. At worst, it can cause serious damage to your vehicle and, potentially, to its occupants.

Happn takes on Tinder Places with an interactive map of missed connections


Dating app Happn, whose “missed connections” type of dating experience connects people who have crossed paths in real life, is fighting back at Tinder.

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