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Driving on roads covered in potholes is no fun. At best, it can make your ride bumpier and less enjoyable. At worst, it can cause serious damage to your vehicle and, potentially, to its occupants.

Happn takes on Tinder Places with an interactive map of missed connections


Dating app Happn, whose “missed connections” type of dating experience connects people who have crossed paths in real life, is fighting back at Tinder.

BitTorrent is selling for $140M to Justin Sun and Tron


BitTorrent, an early mover in concept of building a business around decentralised computing architecture to distribute and store data, is being sold for $140 million in cash to Justin Sun and his blockchain media startup Tron, TechCrunch has learned.

The US has arrested 74 people including nearly 30 in Nigeria, as part of an effort to combat email scam artists.

It said the arrests reflect a coordinated crackdown on people who convince correspondents to wire them money for fraudulent activities.

The US said such scams are “prevalent” and pledged to pursue perpetrators “regardless of where they are located”.

Microsoft on Monday said it will buy software development platform GitHub, in a deal worth $7.5 billion which will blend two opposite corporate cultures.

Basic car care is the key to a long-lasting car, improving its safety and dependability. Neglected car care almost always means much higher costs down the line in the form of more extensive repairs or lost resale value.

Samsung will not be forced to update the software on its mobile phones for years after their release, after it won a court case in the Netherlands.

A consumer association had argued that Samsung should update its phones for at least four years after they go on sale.

Regular software updates can address security problems but older models do not typically receive all the latest updates.

Some 512 million alerts were sent last year telling people their salary had been paid in or that they were heading into an overdraft, a report shows.

The report, by banking trade body UK Finance, reveals our increasing reliance on technology to budget.

It comes as TSB continues to face difficulties with digital services.

The finalists of the fifth edition of the MTN App Challenge have justified their inclusion in the second round of the competition.

In all, 48 finalists including eight female showcased their work to the judges and gave reasons why they should be part of the finalist.

As part of MTN Ghana’s efforts to empower budding talents in the technological industry to provide digital solutions to everyday challenges facing societies, it has launched the season five of its Apps Challenge.

Google just showed a crazy (and terrifying) new feature for the Google Assistant at its I/O developer conference.

The Assistant will soon be able make calls for you to make a reservation — maybe for a salon appointment or to reserve a table at a restaurant that doesn’t take online bookings. For now, this was only a demo, but the company plans to start testing this feature with the Assistant in the summer.

Twitter has warned its 330 million users to change their passwords after a glitch exposed some in plain text on its internal network.

The social network said an internal investigation had found no indication passwords were stolen or misused by insiders.

However, it still urged all users to consider changing their passwords “out of an abundance of caution”.

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