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Football fan in Tanzania loses his wife in a Dar es Salaam derby bet

Simba and Yanga derby

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An incredible bet was revealed on social media this week by the BBC’s Osasu Obayiuwana.

Obayiuwana was involved in reporting on the recent Dar es Salaam derby in Tanzania.

The match, between local rivals Simba SC and Young Africans SC, who are often called ‘Yanga’, played out last weekend.

Simba won the derby 2-1.

Ahead of the game, rivals fans of Simba and Yanga made an insane bet.

Written in a contract in Swahili, the rival fans promised that whoever lost the match would give their wife to the winner.

When reporting on the crazy bet on the BBC World Football podcast, Obayiuwana claimed that when it came to handing over his wife, the Yanga fan managed to work out a monetary compensation instead of actual losing his wife

Yet, it was also confirmed that many fans have lost their wives in previous bets on the derby through the years.

Source: ghanasoccernet

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