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Give The GFA a Break! - Executive Committee member of GFA tells Ghanaians

He emphasized that even on most of the University campuses in Ghana

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Executive Committee member of the Ghana Football Association, Mr.MNS Doe has descended heavily on the public for crucifying the Ghana Football Association especially, the head of the Federation, Kwasi Nyantakyi who was caught on video by Tiger PI brooding over corruptions.

 The brazen investigative journalist has recently uncovered rot at the GFA with the principal culprit being the head of the Association.

This shocking revelation has put the public into pandemonium and grieved with majority of them, calling for the head of Mr. Kwasi Nyantakyi but the Central Regional football Association chairman who doubles as an executive committee member, Mr. Doe, insists the public should give the GFA a break.

 According to the experienced football administrator, corruption is not only found at the Ghana Football Association as most public institutions are also corruption zones.

He emphasized that even on most of the University campuses in Ghana, people sleep with ladies before they grade them so the public should not behave as if the GFA is the only Association that is a hub for corruption.

‘’ Government can’t dissolve the GFA because some individuals have indulged in corruption’’.

He added, ‘’If the government sees the actions of those involved to be criminal, then he[ Government] should deal with them individually instead of applying retroactive punishment against some innocent individuals’’.

 ‘’The public must not see the GFA as the only organization or as the warehouse where corruption is kept. Go to our University campuses those who sleep with ladies before they [Ladies] are given good grades is it not corruption?’’. He asked rhetorically. Ghanaians must understand that corruption is everywhere so they should not only see the GFA as the most corrupt institution in Ghana”, Mr. Doe said while speaking to Elmina- based Ahomka FM.

Activities of the GFA have currently been put on hold following the Accra High court’s interlocutory injunction.

Captain Andy Smith/ATL FM SPORTS.

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