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Ex-Black Stars Psychologist Reveals The GFA Has Drawn Positive Lessons From Nania Fc And Great Mariners Match Fixing Scandal.

Nania FC

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Today marks the 10th year when four division one clubs made an unprecedented history in Ghana football during division one Midddle league games which all Ghanaian soccer fans described it as ‘mourning’ day of Ghana football.

This uncharacteristic day saw Nania FC, Okwahu United, Great Mariners and Tudu Mighty Jets recording a shoreline which was highly impossible in association football.

This day witnessed a match where Great Mariners hammered Tudu Mighty Jets by 29 goals to nothing whiles Okwahu United was also demolished by 31 goals to nil by Nania FC.
This was beyond imagination which made the GFA to probe the matter and ban the four clubs in addition to a fine.

In reminiscing the effect of this event on Ghana football on ATL FM in Cape Coast, the ex- black Stars psychologist, Dr Patrick Ofori revealed that though the incident was very appalling and a disgrace to Ghana sports which he vehemently condemns, he believes it has also brought innovation such as the introduction of the head –to-head rule which the GFA has for the past 8 years partially used to control match fixing in the Ghana league.

‘’It is very bad to recall this disgraceful day in Ghana Football where clubs indulged in this unprofessional conduct but I also believe it has brought one positive measure that is the head to head rule which has come a long way to control the incidence of match-fixing in the Ghana league’’.

He said this during ATL FM’s Agoronie pae mu ka sports programme with host Asante Forkuo.

All the four clubs have been struggling to revamp their good image after this unfortunate incident.

Source: Captain Andy Smith / ATL FM SPORTS

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