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Wafa Operations Director Denies Match Fixing Claims

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The Director of Operations for West African Football Academy (WAFA), George Ofosuhene has denied claims that the football club is involved in match fixing.
The Academy boys have excelled earning them a second spot on the league log.

With the current brouhaha of scandals in Ghana football, WAFA has not been left out of the backlash of match fixing. However in an interview with the media, Ofosuhene has blatantly refuted any claims of such illegal activities in their game.

“If it is done somewhere, it’s never done in Sogakokpe because we train young footballers to be professional in their duties. It’s an unhealthy practice to do that”, he said.

George Ofosuhene again added, “As a member of management, I can confidently say we are not part of the match fixing that goes on”.

He ended with an appeal to referees for fair officiating to promote the game. “We entreat referees and officials to stamp their authority to ensure that the good team wins and the non-performing team is relegated”.

Source: Ebenezer Duncan Eghan / ATL FM Sports

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