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“Devious” media trapping NDC members – Mahama

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Former President John Mahama has accused the Ghanaian media of trying to sow confusion in the ranks of the opposition National Democratic Congress.

According to him, it is strange that the media is suddenly focusing on the opposition party instead of concentrating on the performance of the government.

Addressing his former appointees, the former NDC leader warned members of the NDC to be cautious about their comments in the media.

“Why is the media so anxious to give us so much airtime today? Before the elections they didn’t come chasing you to ask you what you think. All the airtime was going to our opponents. Then all of a sudden, the primetime morning shows are looking for NDC people and saying: ‘What’s your comment about what’s happening in your party?’ And it’s about the NDC today. Why should it be about the NDC?

“The Democrats, who is talking about the Democrats in America? It’s about Trump and the new administration, they are collecting people’s taxes, they should be…the focus of media attention. Why is the NDC the focus of media attention at this time?

“It just shows that there is a certain deviousness to try and make this about the NDC and not about who is in government and how they are fulfilling their promises. And unfortunately, we are falling into the trap, we are all lining up to be interviewed and the point is you might say something harmless but all they are looking for is one word and once they pick it, they put their own interpretation to it,” he said.

Source: StarrFMonline.com

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