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Set up regional offices for one-district one factory policy — UPP

Mr Akwasi Addai (aka. Odike)

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The founder and leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), Mr Akwasi Addai aka Odike, has proposed the setting up of regional offices for the smooth implementation of the one-district, one-factory initiative to be rolled out in September this year.

“Everything is centred in the nation’s capital, Accra, and it is not helping the country. That is why the country is not growing as fast as it should,” he argued.

Giving the party’s position on the government’s flagship project - “one-district, one-factory” policy - Mr Addai expressed concern about the development disparities between Accra, and the other regional capitals.

“It is nothing to write home about and the development gap is rather getting wider and wider.

We need to bridge the yawning gap,” he stated.


Prez launches policy today

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is expected to launch his government’s flagship policy at Ekumfi in the Central Region today.

The programme, which is the formal launch of the implementation of the one-district, one-factory policy, will be in fulfilment of a pledge he made to see the actualisation of the industrialisation of Ghana as part of the transformation process he has envisaged for the country.

The launch will include a sod-cutting ceremony to begin the construction of the Ekumfi Fruit Processing Company factory which will process pineapples for the local and international market.

The policy, when implemented, is expected to create an environment conducive for each local government area in collaboration with private developers to own factories relative to their well-endowed resources and capacity to provide jobs and wealth for the country.


Devoid of partisan favouritism

In the light of these developments, Mr Addai also called on the government to look into the applications of would-be investors carefully devoid of partisan favouritism.

He said that would ensure that companies or investors shortlisted were the ones that could create jobs and wealth for the people and the country.


Good policy

The Founder and Leader of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), Mr Kofi Akpaloo, described the policy as good and in the right direction, saying, “We all support it but our only source of worry is for the initiative to be devoid of partisan favouritism.”

Mr Akpaloo further suggested that the modalities regulating the implementation of the initiative must be clear to all those who wanted to get involved.

That, he said, demanded proper mass education for this all-important exercise to take off smoothly and unhindered.

In the view of the LPG leader, the one-district, one-factory policy could be broadened or enhanced, saying: “The minimum we can go as a nation is to have in each district a factory.”

Source: Graphic Online

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