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Relationship Tips: 5 signs your boyfriend is no longer in love with you

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Here’s how to check if your gut feeling is right.

He no longer calls or responds to your texts
Constant communication is the key to every successful relationship.
If he has stopped calling you at the during the usual times then something is wrong. It really gets extreme when he only responds to your messages concerning things that aren’t related to your relationship.

Some men are kings of one-word answers, whereas others are more vocal. If he responds to a lovely text with one word or no words at all, he may be losing interest.

He isn’t affectionate
Gone were the days where you would hold your hands in public, flirt with you in front of his family and friends, kissing you passionately and hug you for hours.

If he has stopped doing all these things then it is a clear sign he has lost interest in the relationship. People in love always can’t wait to touch or kiss so if you notice that he is slowing reducing the emotional connection between you then it is time to say goodbye to this relationship.

He’s not interested in sex anymore
Love making or sexual intercourse must be enjoyed by the parties involved. If he goes straight to the point without any foreplay and doesn’t care if you have reached orgasm or not, you must advice yourself. He sees you as a sex toy without feelings and emotions.

He isn’t adventurous anymore and always complains that he is tired from work. What about oral sex? Either he’s getting his sex fix somewhere else, or he’s just really losing interest in you.

He no longer compliments you
Men love to show off her significant others to their friends and as such, they always compliment them on their looks to motivate them to step up their game.

If he stops commenting on your appearance especially when you get a new hairstyle or new handbag then he could be losing interest in your union. Some men start giving you negative comments instead of being open-minded.

He doesn’t talk about the future
Most people enter into a relationship to study each other and plan for the future if they are compatible, share the interests and understands each other.

After dating for some months, some guys are so excited and enamored with their girlfriend that they find themselves talking about the future… a lot. If your guy doesn’t talk about anything other than the present moment, he may have a different image in his future, and it might not include you.

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