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Relationship Tips: 5 Ghanaian ladies tell why they will attend their ex's wedding

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You can go to their wedding and show off how fabulous you're doing

He left me without any justifiable reason. I was totally depressed but I have moved on. I will definitely attend his wedding to meet the woman he is marrying.

Tip: Wear your best apparel and preferably in white paired with white stilettos. Invest in your looks; spend more on your makeup, hairstyle and shop for the best clutch.

Steal the show and show off how happy, confident and gorgeous you look after he left you painfully.


Weddings are a great place to meet someone

People find love at different places and you might never know where you will meet your soulmate. Thinking about the kind of people who will attend the wedding, I will go and try my luck.


Tip: Be the first on the dance after the couple’s first dance and invite your potential boyfriend to dance with you.


This is your only shot and should the world you are the best and you deserve better. Dance off all the pain he caused and be the center of attention.

Sing for him

Our parents didn’t support your union so we just had to separate on mutual grounds. But we are still friends and I am very happy for him so I wouldn’t miss his wedding.


Tip: The most romantic thing you can do is to sing his favorite song for him. Wherever he hears that song, he will remember the moments you spent together and cherish your friendship.


Celebrate your ex-turned best friend on his wedding day


We broke up because was always busy with work. After a year later, we meet a supermarket, exchanged contacts and we are good friends now. I helped him with his wedding preparation so of course, I am attending the event.


Tip: What better way to support them than to be there on their special day? Still look the best version of yourself and be a supportive friend at the same time. Women are true multitaskers in this way.


Weddings are fun and you deserve a night out!

Tip: Let's face it: weddings can be a blast. Grab your bestie and make it a girls' night out. Who says your plus one needs to be a significant other? And who says that you need to find someone new right after a breakup? All you need is you. You are amazing. You are strong. You are enough.


Source: pulse.com.gh

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