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5 smart ways to build muscles faster

5 smart ways to build muscles faster

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Learning how to build muscle mass fast is simple, but not easy, unless you’re ready to take enhancements, which we aren’t, and this isn’t some tip bits for that kind of thing anyway.

Sure, change takes time, but if you’re vying for muscle growth and aren’t seeing obvious size increases from month to month, it’s a sign that your approach is off. And a workout is a terrible thing to waste. Plus, even if you are seeing progress, there’s no reason you can’t see more.

How do you rev up your results? Here are 5 ways.

5 smart ways to build muscles faster

1. Eat Healthy

If you want to build muscle fast you must eat healthy foods. That is one of our commandments. The rest of them we make up as we go, so you may see them sprinkled around the site, or you may not..


To build muscle fast you must supply your body with enough protein, that’s what your muscles are built from. Your body is using those proteins to repair and build. Even your connective tissues, joints and immune system need more protein to function when you are training hard.

3.Work each muscle 2-3 times per week

Bodybuilding programs are typically split up to hit each individual body part once a week. That means you go a long time between workouts for a particular muscle group. If you can only lift weights three times per week, try switching to full-body workouts where you work the entire body in each session.

4. Rest

If you want to build muscle fast you must rest properly. Rest is another one of our commandments. Rest and sleep is where real muscle growth happens.

5. Eat more on "off" days

Just because you’re not training today doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat big. Your days off are when most of your muscle growth takes place—the recovery phase—so it makes sense to keep plenty of nutrients on hand for the body to make the most of.

Source: Pulse

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