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What men want in a woman? 10 Things about women guys can’t resist

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Want to know what it is about women that guys just can’t resist? We uncover the secrets in this article. Dating is hard, but it’s even harder when you don’t even know what it is that guys are looking for in a woman.

Do they want you to be extra girly? Do they appreciate a sense of humour? Do they want you to take charge or be submissive? Knowledge is power. When you know what guys like – when you know what drives guys crazy – you can start to present yourself in a more positive, more attractive and appealing light, so that you land the guy you’ve always wanted. Let’s take a look at what men want in a woman and the top 10 things about women guys can’t resist.


The last thing men want is to date a total b**** who never does a good deed for anyone and never has a nice word to say about anyone. When men are on the lookout for a long term partner, they look for certain qualities. And one of them is kindness. Whether you give change to a homeless person, go volunteering, buy people nice things or open doors for people, kindness will get you a long way with a man. It shows him that you’re a warm, loving person who’s going to treat him well and who treats others well. Respect is important for men. If you’re a kind person, it shows that you have a lot of respect.


We’re living in 2018 now, a time when gender roles have come into question. But you know what? Men still love it when women flaunt their feminine side. Men like women who are warm, tender, kind-hearted and loving. They appreciate it when a woman gets dressed up, wears heels and takes good care of herself. Men want ladies to be ladies. It’s something they still find irresistible.

A Sense Of Humour

Another good tip on what men want in a woman is having a good sense of humour. Men like to make women laugh. They enjoy being the funny one in a relationship. They like to hear you giggle as they crack jokes during pillow talk and they want to make you smile at work with their jokes via text. If, on the other hand, you don’t share their sense of humour, get easily offended by it, try to tone it down or if you don’t have a sense of humour at all, you’ll find it pretty hard to sell yourself to guys. Laughter for a man is irresistible. It tells him that you’re having a good time and that you’re attracted to him. Sure, it also boosts his ego somewhat too, but hey, that’s all part of it. He wants to make you happy. If you share his sense of humour, it’s going to be much easier for him to do that.

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Cooking Skills

No, we’re not saying that all men believe women being in the kitchen. But you know what they say, right? The best way to a man’s heart is via his stomach! Men like to eat. A lot. And they love coming home to a wonderful dinner cooked by a woman who loves them. That doesn’t mean you have to cook for your man all the time. But a woman who can cook and flavours her dishes divinely is much more appreciated than a woman who either can’t cook, or who cooks very badly. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your cooking skills to him. He’ll love it!

An Ability To Challenge Him

What men want in a woman? Well, men aren’t looking for doormats who agree with everything they say, nor do they want a woman never challenges him, simply because she doesn’t think for herself enough. Men want woman who can stand up for their opinions and who challenge them intellectually. They want you to offer a fresh perspective on things and to tackle issues with them. Otherwise, the guy is going to get bored pretty quickly. And while it’s nice when you tell him he’s right, he doesn’t need to/want to hear it all the time.


Men like women to have dreams. Men even like women who are successful and doing very well in life. But they also find humility irresistible. Women with huge egos are hard to love. Instead, men look for more human, relatable traits, such as an ability to stay grounded.

When Women Bury Their Heads In Their Man’s Chest

What men want in a woman? Tenderness. Men LOVE this. When you guys are in bed watching a movie or curled up on the sofa, there’s no better feeling for a man than when you lay your head in his chest. It tells him you feel safe around him. Aww.

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Listening Skills

Nope, not all women have good listening skills. In fact, some women are very bad listeners. They always distracted and they don’t give their man their 100% attention. And you know what? This sort of thing is very unattractive to a guy. It’s not even an ego thing. Guys want you to listen to them. It’s a matter or respect and a matter of being needed and wanted. If you don’t listen to your man, you’re going to send him all the wrong signals. Men like to talk and to share things with their women. Lend him your ear.

Texting Him First

It’s a little thing but since guys are usually the ones who text first, it’s always nice when you take the initiative.

Willingness To Express Their Feelings

How are you when it comes to your feelings? Do you like to share how you feel with your man? Or do you prefer to keep things bottled up? It’s a big question and we’re not always sure of whether or not we should express ourselves. On the one hand, it feels good to show our partner how we feel, but on the other hand it also makes us look vulnerable. Guys, however, love it when a woman tells him and shows him how she feels. They don’t want you to be reserved and hard to read. If you like them, they want you to show them!

Do you have other thoughts on what men want in a woman?

Stay beautiful!

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