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7 eye makeup mistakes you need to avoid

7 eye makeup mistakes you need to avoid

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Women who don’t like heavy makeup, focus all their attention on their eyes.

To achieve the perfect look, here are some slip-ups you need to avoid.

Applying liner and mascara before shadow
By applying shadow last, you’re just making it difficult to blend out the eyeshadows to achieve the color blend you want.

Instead, use shadow and blend, then think of liner and mascara as the frosting and sprinkles.

Placing a dark shadow on your inner corner
Always use shimmery white or cream color.

This will bring more light into your eyes making them appear brighter.

Applying a dark, powder eyeshadow after applying concealer
To avoid having loose, dark powder on your face, apply any dark shadows you’re using, then sweep off excess and apply concealer.

Sleeping with eye makeup on
Luckily, we don’t get acne at that area of our face. However, it is a bad habit to sleep with your makeup on.

Always look for eye makeup removers with oils that will help to remove the makeup without having to scrub it off.

Liquid foundation as an eyeshadow base
When you apply your liquid foundation on your lids as a base for your eye makeup, the final outlook of your makeup doesn’t look smooth.

It is best to apply an eyeshadow primer first and then only apply your eyeshadow.

Using the same brush for your makeup
Don’t ever apply eyeshadow and then blend it with the same brush you used to apply it.

It will create a mud instead of beautiful gradience. Get separate brush for every application.

Salma Mumin

Source: pulse

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