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5 reasons every guy should grow beard

5 reasons every guy should grow beard

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Beards are pretty much everywhere nowadays, and for good reason, too! These are top reasons many men are choosing to grow out their beards and why you should as well.

Bearded men are revered as masculine, tenacious, and resourceful. Or at least that’s how we hope we’re being perceived.

With the lore that’s built up around the modern bearded man in recent years, more and more formerly completely shaven gents are letting their razors take a sabbatical and embracing the hairier side of life.

The question that’s on everyone’s mind when you start growing a beard though: why are you really growing one?

1. Makes you look more masculine

beard 3.jpg

There is no doubt that a beard gives guys the alpha male appeal. Since we can remember, beards have been associated with manliness because you can’t typically grow them until you are a ‘man’.

Enjoy male supremacy and respect to the max by leaving you beard.

2.Great sex appeal

beard 2.jpg

There’s no doubt that women love the way a man looks with some facial hair.

For some reason, our primal instincts are drawn to those with some facial hair shadowing the lower half of their face.

3.An older look

beard 4.jpg

For those of you with baby faces out there, allowing your beard to grow in can actually make you look older! You’ll no longer be plagued with looking like the youngest man in the room!

4.Cover up

beard 5.jpg

Besides complimenting your other features and providing you with an aura of masculinity, beards are a great way to essentially redesign your facial features and choose what parts of your face are and aren’t seen.

For younger guys, beards are a great way to cover up bad skin or acne, essentially acting as a canopy to your face’s forest floor.

5.You’ll save money

beard 6.jpg

Razors and shaving cream cost money! Why not ditch those and save the money for something more important.

Source: pulse.com.gh