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9 Creative Tips On How To Surprise Your Partner

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We have said elsewhere, and more than once, that little surprises from time to time help keep the romance in any relationship alive, but saying “surprise your partner” is definitely easier than actually doing it. What kind of surprise works best? Should you wait for a special occasion or be spontaneous? Here we hope to answer these questions and some more. Let’s look at some fun and creative tips on how to surprise your partner.

1. Move his/her birthday

We all expect gifts for our birthdays but what if you decide to throw an intimate party for your partner just like this, on no special date at all? Complete with a gift and a cake, why not? Any nice surprise works better if it really is totally unexpected, and would be particularly appreciated if your significant other is going through a difficult period professionally or personally. Go with your gut feeling for the best moment.

2. Make a special meal

This is another great tip on how to surprise your partner. If you’ve been together long enough, you certainly know his or her favourite dish or at least have some idea as to their general tastes. So, it’s up to you whether you’d go for a homemade meal – a good idea if your partner likes staying in and enjoying some quiet time – or for a fancy dinner out at an exotic restaurant, if your significant other likes culinary experiments.

3. How about a hot bath?

Imagine getting home after having to work extra hours, utterly exhausted and cold, to find your loved one waiting for you with a hot bath, complete with essential oils. What a wonderful idea on how to surprise your partner, right? You can do the same for him or her, the gesture will not go unappreciated. One of the best things about such surprises is that they inspire the one at the receiving end to think up a surprise of their own to reciprocate the first one.

4. Be silly and cute

We all need to take a break from all the seriousness of everyday life now and again. One of the ways to do it is to, for example, get a soft toy or a box of chocolate for your partner and hide it somewhere in the house. Then make a trail of post-it notes that would lead him or her to the surprise gift. It’s silly but it’s also cute and will certainly lift your partner’s mood. If they’re not big fans of soft toys or chocolate, substitute with something they like.

5. Get away for the weekend

This tip on how to surprise your partner is more or less a classic and there’s a good reason for it. For many of us there’s nothing better than finding out they’ll be spending the weekend after a hectic five days in a cosy little spa hotel, for example, or wherever they would enjoy relaxing. Needless to say this type of surprise is only appropriate for those who like going places, but it won’t work with the ones who like nothing better than staying at home, reading or watching movies. Which brings us to our next idea…

6. Do a movie marathon

Some like travelling, hiking, walking in parks, etc., while others like staying in and watching movies. How about you surprise your significant other with a selection of classic romance movies for a special occasion? Or any movie in his or her favourite genre. This surprise will be particularly pleasant if you yourself are not a big fan of said genre – it will be a sort of sacrifice on your part and we all like such little sacrifices because they tell us you really care.

7. Have a picnic

Pick a day when you know he or she has no lunch plans, and appear at their workplace with a picnic basket. Alternatively, have a picnic at home in the evening, why not? If you have a garden, do it there, and if not, just put a blanket on the floor and have the picnic right there. That’s another way of being relaxingly silly and enjoying yourselves in a fresh new way. Eat with your hands, even if you’re not having sandwiches, there’s something very romantic and fun about this idea.

8. Have a blast from the past

This is another creative tip on how to surprise your partner. If you’ve been together long enough, you probably know what he or she liked in their childhood. If you don’t know, ask their parents or another close relative, or maybe a childhood friend. Armed with this information, surprise your significant other with a visit to the zoo, or have cotton candy at a fair and a go at the rollercoaster. We all like having sweet childhood memories come to life once more, don’t we?

9. Write a love letter

This is one of the most romantic and personal tips on how to surprise your partner. Honestly, how many people do you think would expect to receive a love letter? Not an email, a letter handwritten on paper. Hardly any is the answer. A love letter, however, remains one of the most romantic things you can do for the person you love and it won’t cost you anything in the way of money, which is good if your finances are a bit stretched at the moment. You also don’t have to be a professional writer to do it well, simply be sincere and open up your heart.

What are your favourite tips on how to surprise your partner?

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