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10 Compliments To Give A Guy

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Whisper it, but guys love to be complimented as much as women do. But what on earth do you say to a guy to make him feel good?! In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at 10 compliments that make a man’s heart melt.

We know, we agree with you – it’s usually men who are complimenting us. We didn’t know we were meant to compliment them back! But while guys like to wear these tough, brazen exteriors and pretend nothing ever affects them (except the sports results, of course), the truth is that – despite being from Mars – men LOVE to be complimented. In fact, they NEED to be complimented. A compliment does a few things. It reassures the man that you love him and still find him attractive (this is super important), and it also makes him feel good and gives him a shot of confidence. Naturally, you don’t want to compliment him too much. If you go too far, it’ll stroke his ego way too much. However, every now and then you need to chuck a few compliments his way. These can be said in person, or sent via text. Lost for words? Here are 10 compliments to give a guy that will make a his heart MELT.

“I believe in you.”

If there is one thing a man wants you to do (besides love him and support the same team as him, OF COURSE), is believe in him. This is key. If a man has a woman who believes in him, he feels invincible. It might not always seem like it, but he cherishes your opinion above all others. He values yours before his moms and his buddies. If he doesn’t get validation and support from you, life sucks. Look, he knows that one of the core ingredients for success is belief. Belief can carry him a LONG way. But it isn’t just his belief he needs – he needs yours too. Say these magic four words to him and you’ll let him know that you firmly believe he is the best. And he will feel amazing. Remember, a lot of what he does is for you, as much as it is for him. He wants to impress you, and he wants to know you believe he’s the best. So tell him!

“You’re Such A Good Listener.”

As you’ll surely know, it takes a lot of effort for a guy to listen to anyone, even his soul mate. As such, you know what would be amazing? If you showed him that his efforts haven’t gone in vain; that you’ve noticed them and want to compliment him on them.

“I loved the way your hair looked last night. Wear it like that more?”

The thing with compliments to give a guy is that you need to get specific, otherwise it can look like you’re just saying anything to make him feel good. So get into the specifics. Mention how great his hair looked last night. Tell him that he looked sexy when he was lying in bed this morning. Make him feel good about his appearance. Out of everyone, you are the one person who is meant to notice the details and the effort he puts in to make himself look good for YOU. So make sure that his efforts aren’t in vain.

“I love how forgiving you are.”

Men have a lot of values that often go under the radar. When we think of our man, we think of how talented, strong and friendly he is. But what about his more unsung qualities, such as his ability to forgive? Send him a compliment like this to show that you appreciate everything about him, including the things most people miss.

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“I can always count on you for advice.”

This is another one of great compliments to give a guy. Why? Because he has amazing advice to give. He is the wisest person you know, and you trust him with your heart and soul to give you advice he thinks is right.

“I love the way you think!”

Believe it or not, men think about more than just sports, or who they want to put in their fantasy football team. They also think about more than where their next beer is coming from. We know, it’s hard to believe! The thing is, guys like to see themselves as deep thinkers (honestly.) More importantly, they want you to see themselves as deep thinkers, too. If you tell your man that you love the way he thinks, you’ll make his whole day!

“I’ve never felt safer around anyone but you.”

What is a man’s job in a relationship? How is he supposed to treat his girl? Well, he’s supposed to love her, treat her with kindness, make her laugh, take her out, make her believe she’s special and that he doesn’t want anyone else. He’s also supposed to make her feel safe. It’s his duty to protect her. Unless you compliment him like this every now and then, he might worry that he’s failed in his duty to keep you safe. Shoot him this compliment to remind him how well he is doing his job, it’s probably one of the most powerful compliments to give a guy that will boost his masculinity.

“I never want to let you down.”

Want to really stroke his ego? Send him this bulletproof compliment. Look, your man wants you to look up to him. He wants to believe that you admire him so much that you want to impress him. You don’t want to impress anyone – your family, your teachers, your friends – as much as you want to impress him. Remember, you guys are a team. And part of being on a team is pulling your weight and not letting the team down. Let him know you are going to do all that you can to win together.

“You inspire me.”

This is another one of great compliments to give a guy that can really melt his heart. We’ve all had a muse at some point. But imagine how awesome it must feel to know that you’re someone else’s muse? Let your man know that you love him so much that he pushes you on to do better. The respect you have for him is so high that he inspires you to be the best version of yourself.

“I’d follow you to the ends of the earth.”

Lastly, with this one, what you’re telling him is that he’s the most amazing, awesome person you’ve ever met. There is no one else you want. He will love it!

What are your favourite compliments to give a guy?

Stay happy!

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