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10 Ways Your Breakup Is A Positive Thing That Happened To You

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Rarely do people feel amazing after a breakup, even if we were the ones who initiated it.

Calling time on a relationship is sad, simply because something that was once special has come to an end. Especially if you dwell on how happy and carefree you felt at the start of the relationship, ending it is going to make you feel pretty lousy. It hurts even more when a relationship comes to an end against your will. You want to carry on, but your partner no longer has the same feelings for you that they once had. However, whenever anything happens to us in life, we must always search for the positives. This really does apply to any situation. It isn’t what happens to us that defines us – it’s how we respond to things. Optimists get knocked down as much as anyone else. But when setbacks befall them, they take the positives. It’s how they are able to bounce back even stronger. Let’s take a look at 10 ways your breakup is a positive thing that happened to you.

It’s Better To Learn You Weren’t Right For Each Other Now, Rather Than Later

All couples who aren’t really compatible eventually learn that they aren’t compatible. The relationship starts with a bang. The feelings are intense. There is a lot of romance and lust. Then, things settle down once they realise that – actually – they’re not really right for one another. This is perhaps what has happened to you. And while the pain will sting right now, you must know that it’s much better to learn you weren’t right for each other now, rather than later. Stretching out a relationship that isn’t the right one is a waste of both peoples’ time. While you might have thought they were the right person, their decision to end it suggests otherwise. Accept there were differences between you two, and spend your time looking for the one person who actually is the right one for you.

It Can Be A Wake-Up Call

Sometimes, we stay in a relationship just because we don’t have the strength to end it. Moreover, we’re worried that breaking up might be the biggest mistake we’ll ever made. And so we sleepwalk through it, staying together “just because.” We lose our will and our motivation and drift aimlessly through life. For this reason, a breakup could be the biggest wake-up call you needed to jump start your life

Learn Lessons

There are always lessons to learn from relationships – especially first relationships. This one ended for a reason – why? If you were partly to blame, conduct some self-analysis, and learn from your mistakes so that you don’t make them again. If you were the person who initiated the breakup, ask yourself what it is about your ex-partner that wasn’t right so that you don’t date the same kind of person again. And ask yourself what other lessons you learned throughout the relationship. What did you learn about resolving conflict? What did you learn about compromising?

It Was Good Preparation

Okay, so this relationship didn’t work. But some things in life are meant to be temporary, and if nothing else it will have helped to prepare you for your next one.

You’ve Got Some Time To Focus On Yourself

When we first go through a breakup, the last person we want to focus on is ourselves. We don’t want to feel lonely – we want someone else to focus on. But during a relationship, we don’t always get the chance to work on ourselves. Thus, we might miss out on opportunities for personal growth. Now that you’re single again, you can use the time to focus on self-improvement in preparation for your next relationship.

Get Comfortable With Yourself

Now is the best chance you’ll ever have to learn how to live with yourself. Once you’re comfortable with yourself, so much in life becomes a lot easier – including relationships

No More Conflicts

It’s likely that if a relationship came to an end, there had been conflicts. There may not have been full-on shouting matches, but something wasn’t quite right. If it was, you guys would still be together. Now that you’re single, there is currently no need for conflict in your life. You don’t have to accommodate someone else and base your plans around them. You can literally do whatever you want to do for a while. No arguments, no indecisions, no “but I don’t wanna do that.” The choices are all down to you.

Time To Plan A New Future

All breakups happen for a reason. Although it may have made you sad at the time, just ask yourself what the future was looking like. Was there really a future between the two of you? Or was a future becoming harder and harder to picture?

Now that the relationship is over, you’ve got the chance to plan an exciting new future for yourself. You don’t need to worry about accommodating anyone else into it. If you want to take some time off work to go back and study, you can do that. If you want to relocate to a new city, you can go wherever you want.

Sometimes, relationships hold us back from fulfilling our personal destines. They become burdens on our backs, until someone is strong enough to call time on it.

Patience Is A Virtue

You know now that each relationship might just be another step on the ladder until we find our One. Use this time to realise that you must be patient. Keep growing, keep learning from each relationship and work on improving yourself. Eventually, you will meet the love of your life.

You Can Build Other Relationships

Relationships can absorb and consume us, taking up all our time. As such, we invariably end up neglecting all of our other relationships.

You’ve now got the chance to reconnect with people you might not have seen for a while. You’ve got the time to see friends and family more, and build other relationships.

Stay happy!