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Being Safe Before, During And After Easter—NRSC Strategises

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The National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) has observed with worry, the continuous upsurge of road traffic crashes and casualties during festivities like Easter.

Available statistics on road traffic crashes indicate that the first quarter of 2017, a total number of 296 crashes was recorded leading to 66 deaths and 456 injuries.

This represents a rise of 63%, 69% and 44% respectively for crashes, deaths and injuries recorded compared to the same period last year.

This increment suggests excessive level of travel speeds, wrongful overtaking and intensive driving among others.

To help manage these concerns, NRSC has outlined the following strategies:

1.Embark on a massive sensitization and outreach programme to major lorry terminals across the region to engage the leaders and drivers of commercial transport operators as well as commuters.

2.Support the DVLA task force to check compliance level of all drivers and vehicle operations standards especially on major corridors with the view to apprehend traffic offenders.

3.In collaboration with the MTTD, we shall block any unforeseen circumstances; commence the implementation of special intelligent traffic safety management and enforcement solutions including removal of disabled vehicles and other physical obstructions from the road.

The NRSC advises all motorists to be responsible as we celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ. “Drivers should particularly exercise utmost care in traffic, respect pedestrians, reduce traffic speeds, and avoid risky and wrongful overtaking in order to reduce the recent cases of head-on collisions and the associated casualty levels”.


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