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The Value of Ten Pesewas

Old 1000 Ghana cedis Note

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You remember those days when the boys in a class will contribute monies to buy a soccer ball so that they can play during break? A similar thing happened in Akosombo Presby Primary in the early 2000s. All the guys in the class agreed to contribute 1000 cedis (now ten pesewas) in order to get a soccer ball of their own except this rich guy who paid 5000 cedis (now 50 pesewas).

In those days, 5000 cedis, the green note, was quite an amount of money to have for a boy of that age. Everyday during break time, all the boys will go out to play their soccer ball but there was this incident which kept occurring over and over again. In order to play football, there must be two teams. For this reason, the guys will randomly split into two teams and the match begins. If the the rich guy is on your team, you are blessed!!! Why? Every goal the other team scores is disallowed. Why? Because he paid a greater amount.

This went on for some weeks until one guy, Kwaku, got fed up. In one of those matches, the ball went out of play. Kwaku went over as if to throw the ball in, picked up the ball, took a razor blade from his pocket and cut out a small piece of the ball which is even less than one square inch in size. When his classmates got furious and confronted him, he replied them in a single sentence and nobody dared to touch him. The statement was "m'atwa me thousand" meaning "I have cut out my thousand".

The story might be hilarious but the guy was trying to send a message across - without his ten pesewas, the rich guy's fifty pesewas, and the class' contribution was of no value. In Football, goalkeepers generally have the lowest market values but a match can never continue without a goalkeeper on the field. If he ALONE is injured, he is treated on the pitch until he is fit or substituted. Simply, there can be NO OFFICIAL FOOTBALL MATCH without a goalkeeper.

The ten pesewas in football? In anatomy, the appendix is a vestigial organ (an organ believed to have lost its function during the course of evolution), It has NO KNOWN FUNCTION. However, inflammation of the appendix (appendicitis) requires immediate surgery or might lead to DEATH.

I had excellent WASSCE results, it's true. But there is this one group of people I will always attribute it to after thanking God. Not my teachers who taught me, nor my parents, nor my mates at the top who gave me competition but those at the bottom who always brought me questions to solve, who didn't understand topics taught in class and forced me to revise topics I never would have done on my own.

The ten pesewas in my life are the ones I will appreciate.

MORAL: Never look down upon the tiny details that make a difference in life; a smile, an act of love can change this world.
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