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Rich Beggars and Poor Givers

Aggressive begging on the street

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How ironic is it when a beggar is richer than the person he is begging from (giver)? Quite ironic.
When you are walking through town, just take sometime to see the number of people who are on the streets begging.
Some are honestly in need of a penny to buy a daily bread whiles some are richer than you yet they are begging you for a penny.

Both Christianity and Islam talk about giving to the poor and needy but is everybody posing as a beggar in need?

When I went to level 100, a well built healthy woman came to our room(hall) and sorrowfully begged us to help her get health insurance for her sick daughter(she had the baby at her back).
My roommates gave her some money which would have been enough to get her daughter the health insurance card but she didn't stop. Like Oliver Twist, she wanted more. She went from room to room I'm sure with the same sad story of a sick daughter that needed help so badly.

Fast forward to level 200, my roommate and I were shocked when this same woman appeared at the hostel with her daughter strapped at her back asking us to help her with some money to go to hospital with the child.
I wanted to ask her where the health insurance she collected a great deal of money to get was but I couldn't.
I knew very well she was lying but i could not stand her. I gave her something small. It was not even from my heart because I knew I was not giving to someone in need but a liar. Maybe someone who had accumulated more wealth from begging than me.
There are so many of such stories out there.

Follow some of these beggars on the street to their homes and you will be amazed that they are not begging but working. They are gainfully employed in begging.
That they are not begging because they are incapable of working but because they do not want to work.

Scrutinize those on the street begging and you will see those who are stronger than you yet resort to the easy means of making money instead of going through real 'hustle'.
They will wait for the poor young woman and poor young man to work all day long and beg you to get them some of what you earned.

Giving is an important theme in the Bible and the Quran but do you just give to anyone?
Even those who can work yet feels comfortable begging?
Those who have begged all their life to enrich themselves though they can work?
To those that take pleasure in begging?
To those that use dubious means as beggars to cheat you out of your small earning?
Those that pose as disabled yet are whole and strong like Samson?
Those that are always asking for money to top up their transportation fare?
It is awesome and a blessing to give to beggars but not all beggars are in need.
In fact some are actually richer than you are so before you give out to someone posing as a beggar, make sure you are really giving to someone in need.


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