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I Choose You

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Among the lot,

In the midst of shinny stars,

Within the landscape of roses,

At the shores of maidens,

I see none that makes my heart smile.

At the parade of dancing beauties

Displaying steps of twists and turns

I see none that can make me, me.

At the bank of the smooth waters

That flows to give life to generations

I see none that makes me wish to stare back.

In the night of story telling

I see no smile that glows brighter than flame.

That which effortlessly dances on the lips,

Causing my eye to water with love.

On the path to the market I hear no voice

That causes me to turn around

Nor follow just to listen to its music

I seen no such person

In my world of search

With one thing to fetch

No matter how far I stretch

I see no such person.



Photo: Pinterest

Under the great baobab tree you sit

As birds sing for you your morning hymn

Away from prying eyes you stay

Enjoying the warmth of your own presence

She that is seen not by all

For her only friend is nature.

With her she writes her heart out.

It is you I choose.

Surprised as you may be,

I see you shine among the many.


Troublesome as I may seem,

Annoying as I may sound,

Your smile is the only one I crave for

Crazy as I may act,

It is your love that I choose.

#THMpoetry © 2017



Written by: Michael Nanabayin Kofi Asaam

A Poet, Spoken Word Artiste, Club and Event MC, Playwright… STAGE NAME: The Haymaker OR MC Haymaker

Blog: haymaker94.wordpress.com

Facebook: POETIC SAVAGE & MC Haymaker

Twitter: @nanabayin67

Instagram: @mc_haymaker & @iam_nanabayin

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