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Streetism; ‘Get The Children Off The Street Campaign’

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The surge in the common misconception about street children in our country is a concern for me personally and CHANGE MAKERS as an organization, most importantly about how we can solve streetism holistically by knowing who they are, where they from, and how they even get onto the streets in the first place. The main purpose for this write up is to begin deepening the awareness in the public and to launch a National Campaign dubbed “GET THE CHILDREN OFF THE STREET CAMPAIGN” so as to find lasting solutions to addressing this national issue that confronts us as a nation.

The Campaign would be launched in Accra on September 6, 2017.CHANGE MAKERS, have written a Concept Policy Document which would solve STREETISM holistically in our country. We are calling on all the Statesmen, Stakeholders, Corporate Ghana, the Media and all Citizens to come onboard to support this National Campaign of dealing with this social problem that confronts our country.

As part of the campaign launch, we have paid a courtesy call on the following Statesmen of our country; Most Rev.Archbishop Palmer Buckle, The National Chief Imam Sheikh Dr.Nuhu Sharubutu, Former President JJ Rawlings and the Former President JA.Kufuor to brief them on the initiative and also invite them to the launch. We will continue the courtesy call this week but we wish to start the awareness in the media.

Our nation has been through a lot of challenges and still faces some critical social problems which need our immediate action and we can only solve this problem, when we work together and get the children off the street through a holistic approach. Change Makers which is a youth development organization has developed a Concept policy document that if implemented would solve the problem holistically and can even be replicated in other countries across the globe.


We cannot leave the safety and security of our country under the peril of surging numbers of street children in our cities, due to poverty, irresponsible parenthood, neglect, abandoned children without care. It is a concern that poses threat to our country and that is why we have called on the media, corporate Ghana and the respective stakeholders of our country to partner with us CHANGE MAKERS to deepening the awareness in the public. We should see these growing numbers of street children as a shared responsibility that needs partnership to solve, why because it impact on all of us, we should no longer see it as a sole responsibility of government again but rather one which needs our collective efforts to dealing with it.

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