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9 things every young entrepreneur must know in 2018


Whether you are an Entrepreneur or desire to be one by chance or choice, driven by impact or profit, there are a number of things that are crucial to the growth of your Business or Ideas.

Around 76 countries and territories use left-hand traffic, and the practice is believed to have originated in ancient Rome to help defend against enemy attacks. Following is a transcript of the video.

Not a day passes in Ghana that corruption is not talked about or reported in the media. The decadence cuts across all facets of the Ghana’s social, political and economic life. In my recent article” Fighting Corruption In Ghana – The Christian And The Integrity Value Proposition”,  the thrust of the article intended for all- especially  Christians to  stop and think about our individual contributions to the spiral growth of the corruption situation in the country.

Countries that recognize the crucial role tourism plays are constantly developing strategies to remain relevant in the industry.  This doesn’t however hold true for Ghana, as key stakeholders in the tourism sector have failed to show commitment towards the industry over the years. It was an entirely different situation in the 1980’s down to the 2000’s when Ghana was leading its neighbours as the number one tourist destination. Ghana, in those times could record as high as over 500,000 tourists in a year. Tourism was promoted through useful programmes including Emancipation Day Celebrations, Pan African Festivals and the like.

What is the first thing you notice in a man? There are lots of things that attract women, but the most impressionable trait that hooks us is a guy’s sexiness. Here’s how you can pull that off.

3rd December was the International Day of Disability. I had the privilege of interviewing the Association of Students with Disability on Saturday on "A Week On Campus" on radio. My great friend Caruthers Tetteh, the "Knowing Africa" Champion John Chapere, and Debate Guru Abraham Atubillah were in the studio with me for the interaction.

We discussed the relevance of the International Day of Disability celebration, the Association's planned activities, some challenges persons with Disability face on campus and the way forward.

Cape 360 is a renowned entertainment hub in the Central Region that reaps thousands of monthly visit on their website. Cape 360 publishes articles about events, tourism and the entertainment industry in the Central region.

It is three years since Blaise Campaore fled Burkina Faso to La Cote d’Ivoire after Burkinabes demonstrated against an attempt by Blaise Campaore’s government to amend the constitution so as to give him a fifth term in office.

Joseph Forson aka Omisky


To be born with the artistic flair to draw or paint is a unique gift bequeathed on few people on earth. In Oprah Winfrey’s words, “My Professor said I couldn’t even draw a straight line with a ruler.” Most artist discover their talent at a young age and work through the systems to share their talent with their community and the world.

Among the lot,

In the midst of shinny stars,

Within the landscape of roses,

At the shores of maidens,

I see none that makes my heart smile.

10,000 Ghanaians suffering from dementia


An estimated 10,000 Ghanaians are suffering from dementia, which is a neurological disorder that affects the brain leading to the gradual loss of the short-term memory of an individual.

Everything in Ghana is going to kill you


Sometime in 2015, I banned my mother from talking to me about Ghana. Since I work as a journalist, I’m the go-to news source for my family and friends.