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Angelique Kidjo: Our #MeToo movement must start at home

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It is International Women's Day today, and Beninese singer Angelique Kidjo has been speaking to the BBC about how to make the #MeToo movement work across the vast African continent.

The movement, which used social media to shine a spotlight on sexual harassment and abuse, has already been hugely successful in the US and Europe.

"Who raises boys - us women," Kidjo tells the BBC. "We are mothers of girls and boys. Why do we make the boy more important in every choice that we make? That's where we start the revolution."

"The Me Too movement can only happen in Africa if we have men that come on board to speak about the issue," she continues.

She added that "macho" attitudes on the continent mean its different regions require tailored approaches if the movement is to be successful.

Source: BBC

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