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7-yr-old boy kills himself with gun in an accidental shooting

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The little child was hit by a sudden discharge of firearm while he was playing in a bedroom.

In Alabama, a southeastern state located in the United States of America, authorities has confirmed the death of a 7-year old teenager who reportedly killed himself with a gun.

A representative of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Sergeant revealed that on Monday, January 1, 2017, law enforcement agents were sent to the Concord residence of the boy who was playing with the weapon in a bedroom before it discharged firearms.


Efforts to resuscitate him at a hospital yielded no positive outcome as he succumbed to death. No further information have followed the story of his demise.

Kids should be kept away from weapons
The US is a country that offers liberty to its citizens in respect to safety. This freedom has however posed a danger to the lives of children living in its environment.

There have been a number of cases involving teenagers killing themselves. This has often occurred in academic institutions that has seen quite a number of instances where some youths attack their colleagues in a nasty onslaught.


What will however appear shocking to most is a child's desire to kill members of his family. The case of a 16-year-old New Jersey teenager, Scott Kologi who allegedly murdered his family members with a semi-automatic rifle on New Year's Eve.


The motivation behind the killing of the victims who consist of his parents, 44-year-old father, Steven Kologi; mother, Linda Kologi, 42; sister, Brittany Kologi, 18; and family friend Mary Schultz, 70, is yet to be determined.

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