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Transgender: Maths teacher suspended for saying “well done girls” to students

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Joshua Sutcliffe genuinely applauded his students after lessons, only to face disciplinary committee now for misconduct and 'misgendering'.
A 27-year-old Joshua Sutcliffe has been suspended from Oxfordshire school after he inadvertently said “well done girls” to two of his female students who are now transgender and would want to be known as males.

According to the mirror.co.uk, the teacher quickly apologized to the students for what he referred to as a genuine mistake, after the pupils expressed displeasure about the comment.


Joshua Sutcliffe thought that was going to be the end of his woes with his students, but he said he was taken aback when about six weeks later the school authorities invited and referred him for investigation and subsequently referred him to the disciplinary committee to be sanctioned.


Because he is on suspension, Joshua is allowed to report to school, but has been barred from taking part in any official duties or discussions.


The teacher’s troubles begun when parents of the ‘boys’ came to lodge a complaint with the Oxfordshier authorities, and as it stands now his dismissal is imminent.

Mr. Sutcliffe who said he was “completely amazed” is answering questions bothering on misconduct and ‘misgendering’.


He said "This is a public shaming of me. All the students are walking past me and I'm there, in the classroom, not teaching them maths. It's just a really sad situation.
"I'm going to be sat there in front of the school governors and the head teacher like a naughty child sat in detention.


"It's discrimination of the highest order, it really is. For me, it is exactly why this has happened.


"It's happening nationwide, Christians being told they can't express their faith or religious beliefs. That is partly why I have spoken out about it.

He then vowed that this "would never keep my faith under wraps".

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