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More than 12,000 UN peacekeepers are currently deployed in the Central African Republic

UN troops and an armed group exchanged gunfire during the night near the president's residence in the Central African Republic, a security source told the AFP news agency.

It came hours after at least two people were killed when the the UN and central African forces targeted armed groups in a mainly Muslim district of Bangui, UN sources told AFP.

A US woman is suing her parents' former fertility doctor after claiming her DNA test results showed he secretly used his own sperm to help conceive her.

Kelli Rowlette sent a DNA sample to genealogy website Ancestry.com, and was surprised to receive results that did not match her to her father.

Trade tensions between China and the US have been ramped up after Beijing responded to US plans for putting new taxes on hundreds of Chinese imports. China said it would place 25% trade tariffs on 106 US goods, including soybeans, cars and orange juice.

The tit-for-tat action comes hours after Washington detailed about 1,300 Chinese products it intended to hit with tariffs - also set at 25%.

US-targeted items include Chinese-made televisions and motorcycles.

Some Kenyan men are being compelled by poverty to give out their wives to tourists who visit the East African country to have sex with them for money.
The development came to light after some women admitted in an interview with Aljazeera that, having no other alternative, their husbands give consent to their prostitution.

A Chinese father has been reunited with his daughter after looking for her for 24 years. Wang Mingqing's tireless search included becoming a taxi driver in Chengdu city, in the hope he might one day pick her up as a passenger.

His daughter made contact with him earlier this year after coming across an online post about him.

The family met in a tearful reunion on Tuesday - where Mr Wang hugged his daughter and said: "Daddy loves you."

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