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A hardline adviser speaks out against the president's lovey-dovey diplomacy with Kim Jong Un.
On Wednesday—just after Donald Trump gushed about falling “in love” with North Korea’s dictator and ahead of another trip by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Pyongyang to prepare for a second summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un—Lindsey Graham delivered a stark message to the U.S. president: End the lovefest.

The U.S Department of State, yesterday, opened entry for the 2020 visa lottery programme . The US Visa Lottery, at it's popularly known, has over the years allowed millions of immigrants across the world entry into the United States.

"He is our national hero," says Batik Airways pilot Ricosetta Mafella.

He is describing the Indonesian air traffic controller whose last act before he died was making sure the plane Mr Mafella was piloting safely escaped the earthquake and tsunami which has devastated Palu in Indonesia.

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