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US President Donald Trump has threatened to impose tariffs on an additional $200bn (£151bn) of Chinese goods in a growing trade row.

Mr Trump said the 10% tariffs would come into effect if China "refuses to change its practices".

The move would be a major escalation of the dispute. World stock markets have suffered sharp falls as a result.

The former US First Lady Laura Bush has condemned a controversial policy that splits up families who illegally enter the country.

Writing in the Washington Post, she describes the separation of children from their parents as cruel, immoral and heart-breaking.

Her comments follow growing controversy over President Donald Trump's "zero-tolerance" immigration policy.

Earlier Melania Trump made a rare statement expressing concern.

The government of the Central African Republic (CAR) says the acquittal and release of former DR Congo Vice-President Jean-Pierre Bemba is a failure of international justice.

Bemba was released from prison in Belgium yesterday after being acquitted of war crimes committed in CAR during 2002-3 by the International Criminal Court (ICC) last Friday.

A Ugandan inventor has won a major prize for a device which tests for malaria without drawing blood.

Brian Gitta, 24, won the Royal Academy of Engineering's Africa Prize for a device that detects tell-tale signs of malaria by shining a red beam of light on the patient's finger.