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File picture of the Sukhoi Su-30 fighter jet

Two Chinese Sukhoi Su-30 jets have conducted an "unprofessional" intercept of a US aircraft, the US military said.

One of the Chinese jets came as close as 150ft (45m) to the US WC-135 plane and flew upside down above it, according to US officials cited by CNN.

The US says the plane was on a mission to detect radiation in international airspace over the East China Sea.

Robert Mueller is a former prosecutor who served as FBI chief from 2001 to 2013

A former FBI boss has been named special counsel to oversee an inquiry into Russia's alleged meddling in the election and any Trump campaign ties.

In naming Robert Mueller, the deputy attorney general said it was in the public interest to have an outsider.

The appointment was widely endorsed by politicians from both sides.

Protesters have appeared in Sao Paulo with banners reading "Temer out"

President Michel Temer of Brazil has denied a newspaper report that he approved payments to silence a possible witness in a corruption inquiry.

He was accused of authorising illicit payments to politician Eduardo Cunha, who was jailed in March for corruption, money laundering and tax evasion.

O Globo newspaper said it had obtained a recording of Mr Temer discussing the payments with a senior business leader.

Princess Mako is the eldest granddaughter of Emperor Akihito

A member of Japan's royal family, Princess Mako, is to surrender her royal status by marrying a commoner.

The 25-year-old eldest granddaughter of Emperor Akihito will become engaged to law firm worker Kei Komuro, also 25, whom she met while studying together.

Dozens of protesters rallied outside the Congress building in the capital Brasilia

A congressional commission in Brazil led by a powerful farming lobby has recommended dismantling the country's indigenous rights agency, Funai.

It said the agency currently run by anthropologists should be replaced with one controlled by the justice ministry.

The panel also said about 80 Funai officials should be prosecuted for backing what it considered illegal land claims by indigenous groups.

Roman Heinze was described a lacking "any moral compass whatsoever"

An Australian man who brutally attacked two backpackers on a remote beach has been jailed for at least 17 years.

Roman Heinze, 61, bound and indecently assaulted a Brazilian woman before mowing down her German friend with his car in South Australia last year.

Henderson Island is part of the UK's Pitcairn Islands group

An uninhabited island in the South Pacific is littered with the highest density of plastic waste anywhere in the world, according to a study.

Henderson Island, part of the UK's Pitcairn Islands group, has an estimated 37.7 million pieces of debris on its beaches.

The island is near the centre of an ocean current, meaning it collects much rubbish from boats and South America. Researchers hope people will "rethink their relationship with plastic".

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