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US President Donald Trump is to argue that the future of Western Civilisation is at stake in a keynote speech in the Polish capital Warsaw.

Holding up Poland as an example of a country ready to defend Western freedoms, he will warn against the threats of “terrorism and extremism”.

Poland’s conservative government shares Mr Trump’s hostile view of immigration and strong sense of sovereignty.

The Prosopis juliflora shrub occupies millions of hectares of Africa

Gardening could be a powerful weapon against malaria, culling mosquito populations by cutting off their food supply, say researchers.

A team tested their idea in nine villages in the arid Bandiagara district of Mali, West Africa.

Removing flowers from a common shrub appeared to kill off lots of the older, adult, female, biting insects that transmit malaria.

Emirates has said the cabin ban on laptops no longer applies on its flights to the United States. In March, the US banned laptops and other large electronic devices to and from eight mostly Muslim nations, fearing bombs may be concealed in them.

Emirates, which flies to the US from its Dubai hub, said it worked with US authorities to meet new security rules.

Turkish Airlines said it was also now allowing passengers travelling to the US to take their laptops onboard.

North Korean state TV released photos of the purported ICBM test launch

North Korea says it has successfully tested its first long-range "intercontinental" missile. If confirmed, the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) could potentially have the range to reach the US mainland.

The US said the missile that landed in the Sea of Japan on Tuesday was of intermediate range and did not pose a threat to North America.

North Korea has increased the frequency of its missile tests, raising tensions.