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The Director of Advocacy and Programmes, of the Institute of Economic Affairs Dr. Frankie Asare-Donkoh, has stressed the need to mentor young individuals with political ambitions in the country in order to make them good managers who are well positioned to manage the affairs of the country in future.

According to him, the development of each nation depends on the youth thus the need to invest in their upbringing by exposing them to good leadership skills which amounts to good governance.

Dr. Asare Donkor made the call in an address delivered at a youth retreat organised by the Institute of Economic Affairs last Friday at Anomabo.

The mining sector in Ghana contributed significantly to the Ghanaian economy in 2016 fiscal year, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Chamber of Mines, Sulemanu Koney, has revealed.

According to him, the sector, in 2016, contributed about $365 million to the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), representing 15.8 percent of the GRA’s total direct taxes for the year.

Addressing the media at a forum in Accra, he explained that the sector contributed about $365 million to the GRA, representing 15.8 percent GRA’s total direct taxes for the year.

The First Vice Chair of the Public Service Workers’ Union (PSWU) of the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC), Israel Amenfia has told ATL FM News that there is a total disconnection between the PURC Board and the Commission, the result of which is the manipulation, misinformation and mistrust among workers there.

Following recent agitations by workers of the commission, the Executive Secretary of the Commission in one breath explained that the resigned Director of Public Affairs, Nana Yaa Jantua was invited to a meeting to answer questions to solve financial queries raised by the Finance Department and in another breath, the Board issued a statement suggesting that she was called to come and handover. Mr. Amenfia was speaking to ATL FM News.

The Acting Director General of the Ghana Standards Authority [GSA], Professor Alexander Nii Oto Dodoo  has emphasised that the authority has standards to certify locally brewed gin also known as “akpeteshie”. 

He however points that, the gin just like many other locally manufactured consumables do not come to the authority for certification.