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Chief fisherman of Komenda appeals for safe landing beach

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Fishermen at Komenda in the Komenda Edina Eguafo Abrem Municipality of the Central Region are once again appealing to government to construct a landing beach along the shores of the town.

Known for its fishing activities and home to the fallowing Komenda Sugar Factory, Komenda continues to battle keeping its youth due to poor standard of living in the area.

The unavailability of a landing area remains a major challenge for fishermen in Komenda who on daily basis battle over where to dock the canoes due to the presence of rocks at the shore.

Chief Fisherman for the area, Nana Kwodwo Mbea II, tells ATL FM News this challenge causes most of the fishermen to dock far away from their shores making it difficult to monitor their canoes. He added that though they have on several occasions appealed for assistance, their plea has not been heard.

“Our canoes have been docking at the shores of new Takoradi, Elmina, Sekondi and Shama lately due to the unavailability of a landing site in Komenda. This challenge has made it difficult to bring fish home, which is quite worrying”.

According to Nana Mbea II, several accidents have occurred leading to the loss of lives and fishing gears in some instances as a result of the rocky nature of the area’s beachline.

He noted a large number of the people in the municipality earn a living from fishing and as a matter of urgency government needs to construct a safe landing facility to help improve their living conditions.

“This problem is becoming unbearable for us. At this point, our canoes have increased but we do not have enough space to keep them. Our canoes do not get to our shores and this has made Komenda very poor. It is a major challenge and we need government to respond to our appeal and help improve our living conditions”.


By: Vera Siripi/ATL FM News

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