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Edinaman celebrates Bakatue Festival + [Photos]

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Omanhen, chiefs and indigenes of Elmina in the Komenda Edina Eguafo Abrem municipality of the Central Region on Tuesday celebrated their annual Bakatue Festival amidst pomp and pageantry which displayed their rich cultural heritage.

The festival is celebrated on the first Tuesday of July each calendar year to commemorate the man- deity meeting between the Benya river god the founder of Elmina, Kwa Amankwa.

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History has it that the mystic significance of the Bakatue festival is to bring all sons and daughters of Edinaman together in a very unique way. It also portrays the rich cultural heritage which spiritually inspires Edinaman as a people with a common ancestral descent.

Residents of Elmina came out in droves to witness and participate in their annual festival. The ‘Bakatue’ is the lifting of the ban on fishing in the Benya lagoon and noise making.

Edinamanhen, Nana Kodwo Condua VI, led in the performance of the necessary rituals to lift the ban. A fishing net was cast on his orders for the first time in a month to signify the lifting of the ban on fishing. Muskets were fired to signify the lift of the ban on noise making.

The procession of chiefs and queen mothers of the Edina traditional area in their palanquins was colorful and a beauty to behold.


There was boat racing competitions on the lagoon whilst various women oriented cultural troupes sang traditional songs.





By: Grace Tsekpo/ATL FM News

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