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Autistic Pride Day marked with a call to end stigmatization

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Stigmatization remains the bane of the development of Autistic children and adults not just in Ghana but in many countries around the world.

In societies where being a female by birth is enough to limit the opportunities one enjoys, being a female with any form of disability in such environments only deepens the skepticism with which they are allowed to contribute to society.

In celebration of Autistic Pride Day, this year’s event focuses on the importance of empowering women and girls with autism and involving them and their representative organizations in policy and decision making to address these challenges.

Juliana Kwofie of ATL FM’s news desk who visited the Autism Compassion Africa (ACA), a non – governmental organization located at Ola Estates in Cape Coast reports that the condition is usually pinned on witchcraft.

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The executive Director and co-founder of Autism Compassion Africa (ACA), Whitney Hammel, said ACA provides a social system that provides support for all children with autism in Ghana for their families to thrive and for the child to have increased independence to lead a meaningful life as a member of the greater social community.

Whitney Hammel mentioned that for Ghanaians to come to the knowledge of autism and eradicate stigmatization, communities should be educated to overcome these challenges.

She said they are working with the New Vision Foundation International and BFI to work to train community health workers to recognize autism and also to train them to break down some of the stigmas out there that prevent families from getting the help that they need.


By: Juliana Kwofie / ATL FM News

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