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Ghanaians encouraged to support blood donation service

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Statistics from the Ghana National Blood Service indicates that two out of a thousand people, donate blood voluntarily. This number is very low and unable to meet the emergency demand of blood at various hospitals across the country.

The head of laboratory for the University Health Services, Mr. Samuel Amoah who made the revelation has urged Ghanaians to develop a positive attitude towards blood donation.

He said according to WHO, one pint of blood can save three people's lives and apart from severely anaemic women and anaemic children, donated blood are also used to save the lives of accident victims with excess blood loss, surgical, cancerous and thalassemia patients, and people suffering from haemophilia, sickle cell anaemia and blood clotting disorders, among others.

Mr. Amoah noted that the approach of Ghanaians to blood donation is discouraging, indicating that most people feel reluctant to voluntarily donate blood mostly due to misconceptions they have about the procedure.

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Speaking in an interview on the Atlantic wave in commemoration of the Blood Donor Day, Mr. Amoah said continued education on blood donation is critical to correcting the current response in order to save lives.

”The attitude is very poor, so what we have to do is to encourage more people because people think that when you donate blood maybe you will fall sick or you will go off. So always you need to educate them before they will be able to donate”.

Mr. Amoah said there are a number advantages that voluntary blood donors enjoy. Among these he said, “if you are a blood donor, we give you a blood donor’s card so anytime any of your relatives need blood, you bring your card, we look through then we credit it to your relative or friend or anyone who is in need of blood. Then we always even leave one inside for you, so that anytime you need blood, you bring your certificate then we look through it then we are able to give it to you’.

By: Vera Siripi / ATL FM News