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Residents of Anokyen-Fahodze in Cape Coast appeal for sea defense

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Residents of Anokyen-Fahodze in the Cape Coast Metropolis are appealing to authorities to construct a sea defense at the shore line of their community.

The community has enjoyed its fair share of the sea’s sting. Private homes as well as a police station have all been abandoned due to the damage the sea has caused to them. In this instance, residents admit they have contributed, a great deal, to the problem due to sand winning activities.

IMG 5316

Police station and some private homes destroyed by the sea waves

Residents believe the only way to salvage what is left of the community is for a sea defense wall to be constructed. According to the assemblyman for Anokyen-Fahodze electoral area, Benjamin Agbeyeku, sand winning over the past twenty years has had its toll on the area and is calling for urgent steps to be taken to protect lives and property.

Mr. Agbeyeku admits authorities have not been successful in stopping sand winning. He says those who indulge in the activity have re- strategized to outwit authorities- they now operate late at night and at dawn.

He laments if steps are not taken to nib this social canker, the community will lose its hold to the sea in the next five to ten years.

“We are pleading for a sea defense here else in the next five to ten years, the sea will destroy our community. Open defecation as well as dumping of rubbish at the beach are major problems we are battling with. We need help!”

A unit committee member, Peter Mensah recounted to ATL FM News the harrowing decision of residents some time past to steal rocks that were raised as sea defense for the community to build their private homes.

IMG 5280new

Anokyen-Fahodze unit committee member in an interaction with ATL FM's Akosua Akyeabea Sackey

He believes leasing these beach lands to developers is the best way to stop open defecation, dumping of rubbish and sand winning.

“The only way to prevent sand winning and the other problems we are facing here at Anokyen-Fahodze is for the beach to be given out to private developers.

Beach lines in Lagos in Nigeria are free from these issues because they have been developed. Authorities must give these areas out if we really want to end sand winning and open defecation at the beach”.

IMG 5288

Buildings destroyed by sea waves in Anokyen-Fahodze, Cape Coast

Reacting to the appeal, the Central Regional Engineer at the Department of Hydrological Services said although his outfit is aware some areas of the coastal stretch are under serious threat, it is a capital intensive project which requires a lot of effort.

He added that though the call for the construction of the sea defense is in the right direction, the immediate measure that can help solve the situation in the short term is for residents to form a task force to stop the winning of sand.

The Public Relations Officer of the Cape Coast Metro Assembly, Richmond Yeboah said the assembly has already inaugurated a task force which is dealing with the matter of sand winning.

“A task force to deal with the menace is already in force but now we are going to have an extensive programme which will involve Nananom, the assembly, the minerals commission and state security. We are going to block entry points for vehicles to the beaches and once we have been able to do this, it will have a great impact on our cause. Individuals who are caught in the act will be severely dealt with to serve as a deterrent for others”.

By: ATL FM News

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