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Komenda College of Education Celebrates 70 Years

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Komenda College of Education has climaxed its 70 years anniversary with a grand durbar. The college which is one of the best in the country has been in existence since March 1948.

The anniversary was marked with a series of activities and was celebrated on the theme “Providing Quality Teacher Education In Ghana; The Contribution of Komenda College and Its Stakeholders in 70 years."

Speaking on the theme, the guest speaker for the occasion Professor Dora Francisca Edu –Buandoh, Provost, College of Humanities and Legal Studies, UCC, says the state is obliged to provide quality teacher education for teacher trainees to ensure effective teaching and learning in the classroom.

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She added that the policies, procedures and provisions that are made to affect the preparation of teachers for Ghanaian classrooms must recognize that teachers are not only to exhibit their skills and knowledge in the classrooms but also to work for the good of their communities.


Professor Dora Francisca Edu –Buandoh

“Teacher education all over the world is a major responsibility of the state and the government of Ghana has put together structures that determine the curriculum and the processes for training teachers. The state and other stakeholders have a responsibility of ensuring that the type of education and preparation that student-teachers go through prepare them adequately for the classrooms they will build in the future.”

Professor Edu- Buandoh further added that educational reforms are useful if the purposes are well thought through and not influenced by flighty policy deductions therefore in as much as we embrace change and reforms in the education we should also envisage that the change will add value to the teacher being sent to the classroom.

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“It’s time to allow our teaching and educational reforms to stand and be tested for its commitment. As presently some of us, question whether we have a focus for our teaching and learning policies, curriculum and provisions or whether our focus is to change them every four years. Have we tested the policies regarding certification, curriculum and practices in our colleges of education, since they joined the tertiary grouping?

Have we critically but objectively assessed the value of the one year out-program to see how it adds value or otherwise to the quality of teacher-education we made to equip our future teachers? Have we questioned the mentoring process, and traced our graduated teachers to see whether out-program has really benefitted them the way we anticipate it? These are questions we should seek answers to if we want the quality of teacher-education in Ghana to reach international standards."

Delivering a speech on behalf of the President of the Republic at the occasion, the Minister of State in charge of tertiary education, Professor Kwesi Yankah, challenged the students of Komenda College to use their education to alleviate themselves from poverty since the region in which they find themselves is known to be the forth poorest in the country.

Professor Yankah added that education holds the power to social mobility and wealth creation for which reason it must be prioritized.


Professor Kwesi Yankah

“We are looking up to you to inspire and educate our children to become functional citizens who can contribute to the attainment of our development goals. Significantly, you are imbibing teaching education in a region that is known to be deprived and you may have been doing your teaching practicals in very deprived areas.

This should position you to say “I have seen it all and can adapt to any situation. But please, never allow poverty and miserable life to set the pace for your own future and the future of the kids you teach. Use any poverty experience as an opportunity to empathize and uplift the dreary circumstance in which you have taught.”


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