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Warning: Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo fights Atuguba

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Chief Justice, Sophia Akuffo has cautioned Senior law lecturer of the University of Ghana, Professor Raymond Atuguba to be cautious with his latest research findings on the work of the judiciary in the country.
According to her, the judiciary won't accept the findings as validating the judicial philosophy of Supreme Court Justices instead of an affirmation of judicial bias among the Judges of the apex court.

She, however, described the research as alien to Ghana and cautioned Atuguba to "be careful what you’re importing into our environment.

"They are used to that, we are not."


"I think that your research is an American type of research you have done. That is fine. But please be careful talking about importation…..be careful what you are importing into our environment. They are used to that we are not. We can stand here and accept what you are saying without walking out. We didn’t. I don’t think there was a single judge who agreed with what you were saying but didn’t walked out. Maybe you did to add a little salt to what you were saying," she said.


She added: "Our society and the environment is completely different from the American one which has developed its own systems. We have never had this kind of thing."



Professor Raymond Atuguba, a former Executive Secretary to former president John Mahama and an Associate Law professor at the University of Ghana, on Friday made a research presentation at the GIMPA Law Conference.


His research findings on the Supreme Court of Ghana suggested that rulings on some 100 political cases for the past 25 years have gone in favour of the political parties that appointed the judges who sat on the cases.
The research was criticized by many.

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