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“I Will Be Neutral” – Martin Amidu

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President Akufo-Addo’s newly approved Special Prosecutor, Martin Alamisi Amidu says he will be neutral should his nomination be confirmed by Parliament’s Vetting Committee. He notes the position he is yet to occupy will further bind him to stay neutral in the discharge of his duties.

Speaking during his vetting on Tuesday, Mr. Amidu said, “When the president nominated me and announced me to the whole world, I became a potential public officer recognized under the criminal code as a public officer. As far as am concerned, since that day, I am neutral and that is why you have not heard my voice on air saying anything. This is because I am coming to an office which has be neutral and impartial”.

Mr. Martin Alamisi Amidu’s vetting was done in the wake of a suit filed by the honourable Member of Parliament for Bolgatanga East, Dr. Dominic Ayine seeking an annulment of Mr. Amidu’s nomination indicating that the latter is beyond the statutory age of employment into public service.

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The suit which hitherto was thought to potentially scuttle the vetting and subsequent approval of the Special Prosecutor nominee did very little to stop Parliament’s Vetting Committee from carrying out its duty.


Martin Alamisi Amidu’s vetting yesterday

Though the suit sparked a lot of debate within the public space with some quarters speculating it is the minority in parliament’s fear of being subjected to serious investigation should Mr. Amidu’s nomination be confirmed, the Special Prosecutor nominee said he will be neutral at his post.

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He also indicated that his acceptance of the position as Special Prosecutor is because of “the high ideals to make sure the ordinary Ghanaian can benefit from the resources of the country.

“My acceptance of the position of special prosecutor is not because of the status but because of the high ideals which are attached to making sure that the ordinary people of this country can have the benefits of the resources of this country: by stopping the leakages and seepages that have gone on”.

Source : ATL FM NEWS

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