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Wrap Your Waste, Own A Dust Bin Campaign - CCMA Sanitation Ambassadors Optimistic

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Achieving universal access to basic sanitation and ending the unsafe practice of open defecation is in line with the United Nations [UN] Sustainable Development Goals [SDG] 6. Target one of SDG 6 impresses on nations across the world to ensure people live in improved sanitized environment. Responding to this global agenda, President Akufo Addo last year launched the Clean Ghana campaign, charging all MMDAs to take responsibility of their environment.

The Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly [CCMA] has prioritized sanitation and instituted a campaign to ensure an Open defecation free and a clean Cape Coast in 2019.

This week, the Assembly launched a major sanitation project, code named; “Wrap your waste, Own a dust bin”. The campaign targets traders in the market, school children and homes where waste is mostly generated.

ATL FM News has been speaking to the Sanitation and Tourism Ambassadors of Cape Coast. Alhaji Baba Awudu is hopeful the campaign will achieve a laudable feat.

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“Last year together with the sanitation and tourism ambassador, we organized a general cleaning and it was massive. The “wrap your waste, own a dustbin campaign”, looks at a way of combatting filth in the community. If you are able to own a dustbin or to wrap your waste, I think the filth will minimize.”

“I believe that this is the right project for Cape Coast. Wrap your waste is one of the perfect solutions to our problems in terms of sanitation. I am going in for this project and I trust that anybody listening to me will understand and take that initiative."



Insanitatary waste disposal is a huge challenge in most communities in the Central Region

Faustina Kyei Baffuor is of the view that communities must be involved in the periodic clean up exercise.

“Clean-up exercise is very good for every community and even the nation as a whole. But the first is if you don’t get the community to be involved in this exercise or project, you wouldn’t go anywhere. Our aim for the exercise wouldn’t be successful. So for us to have successful project of having periodic clean-up we need to involve the community because filth is being done the community.”

“I think this is one of the feasible ways we help combat filth in the metropolis. I will implore the majority of people to come together and support this course and make it happen. If we help the assembly to achieve this project, it will come back to the people. We all need to follow suit and make it successful.”


The Wrap your waste, own a dust bin campaign is going to be sustained from now till 31st March, after which sanitation officers of CCMA will be going to homes to ensure that people are complying with the laws of the assembly.

Source : ATL FM News

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