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‘Media Performed Poorly’ - Prof. Gyampo

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A Senior lecturer at the Political Science Department of the University of Ghana [UG] has described as abysmal, performance by the media that engaged President Akufo Addo in his 2nd Meet the Press series encounter yesterday.

Prof. Ransford Gyampo says the media must effectively utilize the rare opportunity given to ask well researched and relevant questions.

“Apart from a journalists or media personnel who asked very good questions, the rest were not asking any meaningful question. The questions were so shallow and were not seasoned with any research and they were questions that any president could easily answer. Over the years that has been the trend and so no president becomes scared of such a platform.”

Prof. Gyampo said there were more critical issues that demanded answers from the President.

He said “the 1992 constitution is 25 years old and it has undergone a review. We spent huge sums of the tax payers’ money to undergo the review process. This administration came in and we don’t know what is happening to the constitution review process. Has the process been abandoned? Is the president doing something about the proposals for reform? What are we doing about it? You expect a journalist who thinks about Ghana to ask such a question.”

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President Akufo-Addo interacting with a section of the press after the meeting

Prof. Gyampo asked the media to either make good use of such encounters or forfeit the opportunity of meeting the President on such a credible platform saying, “somebody may be born from day one to the time the person will die but will never have the privilege to meet the president. Therefore if you have the privilege to meet the president then you should be able to ask questions that bothers the lives of people."

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He said media people should be able to research and ask thought-provoking and scrutinizing questions to elicit the best from stakeholders, noting, ‘this is a very credible and serious accountability platform. The media should sit up to seize the opportunity or we crab this whole arrangement and revert to the one that the president will meet the people one on one. I’m sure if the president goes to Makola, he will be able to receive thought provoking questions that bothers the lives of the ordinary people.”

Source : Mary Ama Bawa / ATL FM News

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