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‘This Conceptualization Will Not Help’- Lawyer Abban Defends Appointment Of 1st Special Prosecutor

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President Nana Akufo Addo yesterday named the long awaited Special Prosecutor as promised by his government.

Before the appointment of Mr. Martin Amidu as the first Special Prosecutor, the attention of Ghanaians was drawn to known New Patriotic Party [NPP] sympathizers who were believed to be on the President’s list for consideration.

However, in what seemed like the twist of event, President Akufo Addo surprised the whole nation when he named Mr. Martin Amidu as his choice man for the battle on corruption.

Whiles many believe the appointment will go a long way in fighting corruption, some Ghanaians are also skeptical, questioning the independence and neutrality of Mr. Martin Amidu.

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Responding to this issue, a Member of Parliament for Gomoa West Constituency, Central Region, Alex Abban says, the appointment of Mr. Martin Amidu has everything to do with character.


MP for Gomoa West Constituency - Lawyer Alex Abban

Speaking exclusively to ATL FM News, Lawyer Alex Abban said ‘If his appointment sends that kind of signal, then It means that at least we are on the right track, because it even reduces completely any lingering perception in the minds of the people that Special Prosecutor is just a machinery for witch-hunting because he is a founding card bearing member of the NDC’.

Again; Hon Abban said the objectivity of Mr. Amidu will be grounded upon the perception of members of the NPP who know that Mr. Martin Amidu is not a party member. According to him ‘the fact remains that he is a principled person who cannot be pushed over and so I think it is the best move that the President has made’.

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Lawyer Abban says across the political divide, there is the general feeling of satisfaction regarding Mr. Amidu’s appointment and some level of fear among those who think they may have committed some wrong doing.

He says, ‘Peoples’ minds must not be agitated by whether the independent special prosecutor would be truly independent. If we do that, we even challenge the basis of other appointments that are made especially appointments of judges, because they also go through similar procedure and I don’t think that Ghanaians have had issues with the independence of the judiciary, it is much of the same thing. People should not conceptualize by saying that because a certain appointing authority exercised that power to appoint a certain person that person so appointed is likely to do the bidding of that appointing authority’. Hon. Abban quizzed.

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Martin A. B. K. Amidu

Lawyer Abban contends that the only controversy surrounding the appointment of Mr. Amidu is the fact that he was relieved of his duties in the Mills’ administration as Attorney General for his principles.

He therefore asked all well-meaning Ghanaians to dispel any form of fear and doubt about the appointment of Mr. Amidu as the Special Prosecutor, and called for support for him and for the nation to purge itself of corruption.

Source: Mary Ama Bawa / ATL FM News