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Ghana immigration service disqualifies applicants with huge backside, bleached skins amongst others

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The basis for disqualification was pure biological as well as body tattoos.

Many Ghanaians have faulted the Ghana Immigration Service for nepotism during the recruitment of new officials.

This development got the Head of Public Affairs at the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS), Superintendent Michael Amoako-Atta reacting to the allegations and calling it false.


He explains that applicants were rather disqualified for meeting the standards set by the service.


According to him the basis for disqualification was pure biological as well as body tattoos.


“For body screening, we are looking out for the physique, the structure. That meets our entry requirements. We will be weeding out people who have tattoos on certain parts of their bodies. People, especially the females, who have bleached their skins such that you see their veins popping out, flatfooted applicants and also people with surgical marks, we wouldn’t permit them”, Superintendent Amoako-Atta explained.


Supt. Amoako-Atta says people who fall within the above category would hinder the progress of the Ghana Immigration Service, especially in its operations.


“It wouldn’t help in our training and in the kind of operations that we do”, he explained.


About 15,704 Ghanaians in the Greater Accra region, who were shortlisted after the first phase of the recruitment process, have thronged the premises of the El-Wak sports stadium to partake in the second phase of the GIS recruitment exercise.


Only 500 out of the lot will be recruited into the Ghana Immigration Service, with 70 serving as cadets and 430 occupying various ranks.

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