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Vulture Monitoring Reveals Disturbing Persecution Dwindling Vulture Stock

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The Country Director of the Indigenous Vultures monitoring project is reminding Ghanaians of the urgent need to consciously desist from acts that cause or contribute, to the alarming depletion of the stock of vultures across the country.

Dr Justus Dei-Kumah says the role of vultures as scavengers is a key support in combating the sanitation problem that bedevils communities. He was speaking to ATL FM News on Saturday September 2 which was the International Vultures Awareness Day, a day set aside around the globe to reflect on the need for the protection of vultures.

Vultures bother humans in no way compared to other scavengers like rats. They are only in the communities to scavenge carcasses. They can also, on some occasions, act as sentinels. Dr. Kumah’s monitoring reveals that several practices are contributing to the depletion of the vultures.

Dr Justus Dei Kumah said the conservation of vultures can be a way to ward off disease causing bacteria and pathogens from the environment. In a swarm, the vultures can effectively clear carcasses not only to save the environment of the stench but also from disease causing agents.

Source: Christian Baidoo / ATL FM NEWS

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