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Sanity is once again expected at Abrofo Mpoano, one of the landing sites in Cape Coast, following the installation of an interim Chief Fisherman for the community. For the past six years the position has been vacant.

The Kingmakers, Kona Abusua of Brofoyedur, who are responsible to install a new chief after the passing of Nana Kobina Akyer V, have been divided. They have been unable to settle their differences to appoint a new chief.

The absence of a chief fisherman at Abrofo Mpoano has led to a breakdown of law and order as illegalities and indiscriminate activities increase in the community.

Following assurances from the President, Ghanaians are expecting decisive and comprehensive measures to curb the incidents of gas and petrol explosions in the country.

Fuel explosions are again in the spotlight following the multiple explosions at a Liquefied Petroleum Gas filling point at Atomic Junction in Accra, which has so far claimed seven lives and injured scores.

The massive explosions occurred at the MANSCO gas station near the University of Ghana, sparking widespread panic in surrounding areas.

President Nana Akufo-Addo, after the explosion, served notice to all stakeholders that tough decisions will be made, with some compromise from the industry players expected.

“Cabinet will be meeting on Thursday, and I believe that out of that meeting, the country will know what our programme is – the comprehensive programme – that we intend to have to bring such incidents to a stop. The one that happened [Saturday], is one too many, we cannot afford more of that,” the President said during his visit.

Director-General of CID, Bright Oduro

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Police Service says there has been a reduction in residential robberies across the country.
The Department said the average 50 robbery incidents recorded weekly from 2002 to 2008 has reduced to 15 cases.

File Photo: Landing Beach

A researcher with the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences of University of Cape Coast [UCC], Mr. Joseph Sefah Debrah has described as unconventional, the failure of the Central Regional Pre-mix Committee to render accounts seven months into office.

Mr. Debrah said it is proper for the committee to be transparent to clear any misconceptions the public may have about their operations.

He continued that since there is a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of pre-mix meant for developmental projects in the communities landing beaches are located, consistent failure to render accounts by the committee defeats the developmental agenda of these communities.