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Residents of Anokyen-Fahodze in the Cape Coast Metropolis are appealing to authorities to construct a sea defense at the shore line of their community.

The community has enjoyed its fair share of the sea’s sting. Private homes as well as a police station have all been abandoned due to the damage the sea has caused to them. In this instance, residents admit they have contributed, a great deal, to the problem due to sand winning activities.

IMG 5316

Police station and some private homes destroyed by the sea waves

The Central region last year recorded a 2.9% drop in the number of malaria cases as well as a 3% fall in malaria related deaths.
Per statistics given by the regional health directorate, in 2017, 618, 820 malaria cases were recorded as against 628, 384 recorded the previous year. Again in 2017, the region had 35 malaria related deaths, a drop from the 2016 logged number of 104.