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Deputy Minister of Interior, Henry Quartey has charged stakeholders in the gaming industry to discourage gambling by minors.

Companies that engage in gambling are to indicate that children are not allowed because gambling is associated with fraud and impacts children negatively.

The Deputy Minister of Interior was addressing a stakeholder’s engagement convened by the Gaming Commission in Accra to solicit ideas to enhance regulation of the industry.

Traditional authorities in Cape Coast are optimistic of a good fish harvest in this year’s fish season. This follows an impressive catch of tilapia in the Fosu Lagoon yesterday during the ceremony to mark the end of the ban on fishing in the lagoon.

The regatta that preceded the lifting of the ban on fishing in the Fosu Lagoon received massive patronage by both the chiefs and people from Cape Coast.

The Community Gardens was electrified with both traditional ensemble as well as contemporary music from loud speakers as supporters cheered the three competing Asafo groups that battled on the Lagoon: Bentsir No.1, Anaafo No.2 and Inkum No.4.