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A ceremony is expected to be held today in Accra to mark the fifth anniversary of the demise of former President John Evans Atta Mills.

Prof Mills passed away in the afternoon of July 24, 2012 at the 37 Military Hospital where he had been rushed to for treatment.

ECG) has been criticised for supplying electricity to Chinese illegal miners in Tarkwa in the Western Region.

Deputy Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Benito Owusu-Bio has vowed to report the officials of the ECG involved in the illegal connection to the Energy Ministry for the law to deal with them.

Residents of Brewie in Axim in the Western region are in a state of shock after an 80-year-old woman and her son, 55, were killed in a fire outbreak.

The two were burnt to death when the building in which they slept, caught fire in the early hours of Friday, July 21 between 1:30 – 2 am.

According to Joy News’ Francis Wajah, some residents recapped how they were in a hearty chat with the two individuals at about 9 pm on Thursday evening before the incident.

Catherine Afeku - Tourism Minister

The Ghana Tourism Federation (GHATOF) is demanding further consultations in determining taxes and levies for the tourism industry.

The industry has expressed grave concern over the multiplicity of taxes which have increased the cost of operation for hoteliers and rendered some unprofitable.

Some have also cautioned of job layoffs to be able to stay relevant in business.

Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), Mrs Charlotte Osei, has said allegations of fraud and financial malfeasance levelled against her by a group of staff of the commission through a petition to the president, are "bogus", "frivolous", "lies" and "baseless".

The petition by the staff was filed with President Nana Akufo-Addo and asked for investigations into allegations of fraud and financial malfeasance against the chair of the election management board.

The petition also requested the removal of Mrs Osei for allegedly terminating a contract with STL and unilaterally renegotiating a contract with a vendor of the EC for $21,999,592 without the knowledge of her deputies or other commissioners.

The National Peace Council is urging aggrieved staff of the Electoral Commission and the Commission’s Chair, Charlotte Osei, to commit their grievances to dialogue in order to quell further row.

Chairman of the Council, Rev. Prof Emmanuel Asante, an escalation of the tension at the elections administration state institution would mar its independence.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is alleging that budget allocated for the office of the president in the first six months of President Nana Akufo-Addo, represents that of former President Mahama’s four year term when he was in office.

Addressing the press at the party’s headquarters on Thursday, Kofi Porturphy lambasted the president for spending lavishly on parties, gold ties and other material items since he assumed office.

The office of the president he said is getting an unprecedented amount of money to be spent in a frivolous manner. The budget for the presidency he said exceeds major ministries and in their view, the president and his courtiers are dissipating the nation’s scarce resources without let not hindrance.

The NPP he noted promises to protect the public purse however, contrary to the NPP’s promise to protect the public purse, President Akufo-Addo has done the opposite, by putting in place the most-heavy government ever in the history of the fourth republic.

‘’We are simply unable to reconcile the appointment of 110 ministers amidst the creation of useless and amorphous ministries. We [NDC] submit that the ministries for ; Public Procurement, Business Development, Regional Re-organization, Special Initiatives, Monitoring and Evaluation, Planning, Aviation, Harbours and Railways, amongst others, are all unnecessary and constitute a drain on the public purse.

The functions of these redundant ministries can easily be performed by the existing ministries, departments and agencies,’’ he argued. He said at the office of the president is receiving unprecedented amount of money to be spent frivolously, the universities, Ghana Health Service, Environmental Protection Agency, the National Blood Bank and other such agencies, have been order to surrender all Internally Generated Funds (IGFs), leaving such entities with nothing to operate with.

He also slammed the government for dismissing some nurses employed by the previous administration on the premise there is no money to pay salaries.

‘’Is not sheer callousness for the government to have money to be importing expensive dinner suits and bow-ties from the United Kingdom, Paris and Italy, and be spending lavishly on state banquets, while innocent people die in our hospitals because there are not enough nurses to give Medicare? ‘’...government is not a tea party.

Governance is a serious business meant for serious people and the current President of Kwame’ Nkrumah’s Ghana has to get serious and govern in a more serious manner than he is doing, ’’ he fumed.




Source: Ghana Web