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C/R Police PRO Calls For Public Support

Central Region

The Public Relations Officer [PRO] of the Central Regional Police Command, Assistant Superintendent of Police [ASP] Irene Oppong says for the police service to discharge their duties diligently, it will require cooperation from the public to assist the force with the needed information to track criminals and prosecute them accordingly.

She explains, if there is not enough information on who and how the crime was committed, an impediment is created to slow their investigations; a situation she says has been misinterpreted by the public thereby describing the police is inactive in terms of crime investigations.

Her comments follows a swoop that was carried by the Central Regional Police Command that led to the arrest of 8 suspects.

Arrested Suspec ted Criminals

Arrested suspected criminals 

ASP Irene Oppong spoke on the Atlantic Wave Earlier today. The arrested suspect following yesterday swoop will be investigated thoroughly to ensure justice is served.

ASP Irene Oppong recognizing the challenges affecting the police, called on the public especially complainants to assist the police in all ways possible by giving them the needed assistance to facilitate their investigations.

Source: Kojo Dei / ATL FM NEWS