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Teachers Are Their Own Enemies - Mr. Aubyn

Mr. Peter Aubyn

Central Region

An appeal to government by the Accra Metro West Secretariat of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) to provide better conditions of service for teachers has sparked some public debate.

While some attribute the poor conditions of service of teachers to government’s disregard for the essential role education plays in national development, others believe teachers themselves have been the cause of their own worries over the years.

In relation to this, a discussant on the News Peg Segment of the Atlantic Wave, Peter Aubyn, has attributed the ordeal and plight of teachers to the attitude of colleague teachers who have climbed higher on the corporate ladder into Ghana Education Service Offices and are responsible for advocating teachers’ welfare.

According to Mr. Aubyn, most people in the education offices or ministry started as teachers however, they forget to push the better service agenda of their colleagues when they occupy such offices.

He said teacher Unions especially NAGRAT and GNAT need to pay attention to people who perform administrative duties for teachers if any improvement will be made in enhancing teachers’ welfare.

He reiterated the call on Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education to take a re-look at the plight of teachers and improve their welfare.

According to Mr. Aubyn, the mantra that the teacher’s reward is in heaven has outlived its essence and should be stopped.

He indicated that contributions of the teacher to human development and society cannot underestimated.

Source: Monica Gmanab / ATL FM NEWS